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Effective Time Management: Eating that elephant

14 Jan, 2013

Time to blow the cobwebs off our New Year’s resolutions yet again, so I thought I’d offer a bit of help for those struggling with an important task that keeps getting shunted to the bottom of the pile because it seems impossible to achieve.

How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

That’s all very well but it’s still a big elephant and it can be difficult working out where to take the first bite.

If the logical first step in a big task is still so daunting that you’re endlessly procrastinating, then how about being illogical?


5 Voice Tips for Brilliant Personal Impact

11 Jan, 2013

Thanks in part to Meryl Streep it’s a pretty open secret now that Margaret Thatcher had voice lessons to lower the pitch of her voice in order to up her gravitas level on the world stage.

Rumour has it David Beckham has done similar as he looks to a future where increasingly he will be required to talk with his mouth rather than his feet. Certainly, it’s noticeable in recent footage that his voice appears to have taken on a more authoritative tone, but of course that could simply be maturity and experience breeding confidence.

These two figures have iconic status and could be forgiven for not bothering too much about their vocal impact. People, in general, will be interested in what they have to say anyway, more likely they’ll be hanging on every word.

However they haven’t gained that iconic status by accident. They both realize the value of taking care of their personal brand and a large part of that is how they sound.