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How to Empower People

Date : 14-03-2013 | Author : | Comment : No Comments
  1. Know their skills and qualifications. Look over their curriculum vitae, and find out what their strengths and abilities are. This will help you decide where to maximize their potentials.
  2. Ask them what they are best capable of and find most enjoyment in doing, within the scope of their work description. Encourage them to contribute in their areas of speciality and interests.
  3. Give frequent praises for good work everyday. Most people (with possible exception of those with schizoid personality disorder) thrive in positive feedback. It helps them to know what they are doing is appreciated, and will encourage them to continue their good work.
  4. Avoid criticisms if at all possible. Criticisms has the opposite effect of praises, and can discourage people greatly. Always assume good faith, be understanding, think in terms of good aspects, compare their mistakes to mistakes you have made yourself, or could have made. If you must give criticism, be constructive, and always praise first, and provide clear suggestions on how to improve.
  5. Provide opportunities for further training and education. Allow them to expand their knowledge and skills so they can contribute in greater ways.

Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Empower-People

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